Our Biltong Testimonials

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave feedback

I've been in the uk for over 20 years now and this is by far the best biltong you can buy here. As soon as you open the bag your senses filled with the rich meaty armour and you are magically transported to nostalgic memories of hot sunny care free days. It has a perfect satisfying texture that is firm and slightly chewy like quality bilton should be. Balanced with heaps of flavour that you can taste before you put a piece in your mouth. Once you have the spices start to come alive on your tongue and build filling your senses and linger on the palette. There is a very slight hint of heat which sits for a few seconds after you chew and then fades gentle. The saltyness sits satisfyingly in your mouth urging you reach for another piece. This biltong is as moorish as you hope it will be and I would urge you to buy more then you think you want because the only down side is you will run out quickly and wish you had bought more. Matt aka a very satisfied Swazi. MC, April 2020

The most delicious biltong outside of South Africa ever! Great product, fabulous service. AD, March 2020

Got some of the chutney flavoured biltong at Rob Rattray’s. Best biltong I’ve ever tried. Always happy to support local products. Especially sustainably grown Welsh beef. The packet is now empty. AD, February 2020

I’ve tried other brands of Biltong in the past and have often found them too harsh to digest or too salty. This is not the case with Ekhaya. I have recently tried the chilli, chutney and traditional and have enjoyed every single one. The Chilli has a pleasing chilli warmth, the chutney a sweet spiciness and the traditional a lovely beefy earthiness which is so moreish! The beef is perfect. Not too chewy or too soft which is ideal. I often pop some Biltong in my bag on a long hike or walk, especially on the mountains as it makes a welcome change from sugary snacks. It’s ideal for a little protein lift after training also. What I love most is you don’t have the harshness you get from some other more well-known brands and its easy on the digestion! This is one of the nicest, tastiest brands I have tried and would highly recommend. The fact it’s made in Wales from local produce and from a traditional recipe adds to its appeal for me. I will certainly be back! SD, January 2020

Bought our first Ekhaya Biltong. Really delicious and a really healthy snack. Great that it is made from Welsh beef, can’t get any better. MB, September 2019

Some fantastic new Biltong from a new company based in the hafod using meat from a local butchers. Best biltong I've tasted outside South Africa (or maybe ever!) BB, September 2019


Fantastic welsh biltong. AD, August 2019

Extremely tasty! My new favourite snack, especially liked the chutney flavoured. Thanks. JW, August 2019

Ekhaya Biltong is excellent, moreish, tasty and packed with flavour! Highly recommended!! RL, August 2019


Excellent biltong, both the original and the chilli. RM, July 2019