• Ekhaya Biltong

Authenticity ~ Our Own Stamp

Having grown up eating (and even teething on!) biltong in Eswatini (Swaziland), we consider ourselves experts.

It is important for us to make our own biltong entirely from scratch, this way we can create the exact flavour we desire. Many biltong companies import bulk pre-made spice mixes which makes biltong spicing quicker and simpler. We, however, have developed our own spice mix and wet marinade. Through trial and error, we have calculated the perfect blend of spices to bring a truly authentic taste to our biltong.

Of course there was quite a lot of error in the 'trial and error' process and it was often heart-breaking when an entire batch of biltong was ruined due to blitzing the salt crystals a little too finely resulting in biltong that was intolerably salty; or not grinding the peppercorns enough which meant that our biltong was 'peppered' with half-ground peppercorns, leaving us sneezing and reaching for a glass of water. We would eagerly wait for 5 or 6 days whilst our meat dried and only then could we determine whether our batch was successful or whether we needed yet more tweaks to make it perfect.

Still, they say, you live and learn and we're certainly still living and still learning. We are now very happy with our spice mix - we have the right consistency and the correct ratio. Making our own spice mix, despite making a lot more work for ourselves, means that our biltong has a unique taste and one, that we believe, brings the true flavour of African biltong to you.

Try our biltong today or contact us for more information and specific requests.

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